Jason Shaw - Composer Producer Engineer

I was born in Pittsburgh PA years ago. I grew up listening to all sorts of music in the backseat of my parents car on Sunday drives. My dad would flip the radio from rock to country to classical. He seemed to love all kinds of music, and he infected me with that too!

With the exception of guest composers, I create all of the music here on the website, mostly from scratch. I play multiple instruments, but I also use sound samples, loops, drum machines, software synths, and whatever is handy. I can read music but mostly compose by ear.

Some of the pieces here are background to talk over, while some are full blown pieces suitable to sit and listen to. I love sharing this music with you, and hope it helps you in your life in some small way to complete a project, or brightens your day.

For the technically minded, I use Sonar exclusively for recording and composing. Some stuff was mixed on a mixing board, some was recorded and mixed all inside the computer.

Need Something Special?

If you need something special, let me know and I might be able to help. I'm always adding pieces to the collection, and what you need might be perfect for somebody else too. If you want exclusive music, I can do that too for a minimal fee, depending on the scope of your project.

Guest Composers

Guest Composers donate 5 pieces to the website and set them free to the world forever. In return they receive a feature banner on the main page of a website that is over 100,000 visitors a month. They are provided a link on the hotlinx page to where ever they want,.and the mp3 files are embedded their information as composer and artist picture as well. The pieces appear in the guest composer section. You'll find the email button at the top of the hotlinx page. All rights are retained by the original composer under Creative Commons.

On Occasion, I produce music for singer/songwriters

Tricia Dovidio- "My Heart Stands Still"

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