Q: Jason, I can't download your music. When I click on the "download" button, it just plays it. (or nothing happens)

A: The media player you see when you click the download button is actually on your computer not on our website. All our free music files are in mp3 format, so when your computer's browser meets one, it launches a media player and plays it. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox allow you to choose what media player your browser uses automatically. You need a browser and media player combo that will allow you to download our files.

Q: I know you say your music is free. Can I make money from it?

A: Yes! The only restrictions on our music are:

1) You may NOT re-sell it as-is, (it MUST be used as part of some other creation like a video, audio re-mix, podcast, video game, commercial or on-hold telephone message)

2) You cannot claim the music as yours or deploy it in such a way that would prevent others from using the music as you have.

Q: I want to use a piece on your website for my project and I want to license it exclusively.

A:We're flattered, but everything on the website is scattered to the four winds on the Internet! Thousands and thousands of people have already used anything you would find here. However, for a fee, we can compose something for your project. E-mail us and let's talk.

Q: I need background music for my restaurant or business. Can I use audionautix.com music for that?

A: Yes! But a small one time donation would help you sleep better at night.

Q: You say your music is “YouTube friendly”. What does that mean for me?

Through a special arrangement with YouTube, when you use this music, YouTube will not silence or remove your video even if some unscrupulous party claims the music as theirs.

Q: Your website is really cool, who designed it?

A: A genius named Adrienne. She's a web programmer who can a build a website for you too.

Q: Where did your logo come from?

A: My brother Hugh Shaw designed it. You can ask him to design one for you. imagineyes@lycos.com

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